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03 September 2017

Live at Motoyawata (16th/Sep)

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Prior to moving to UK in October, we will perform one man live at Honhachiwa Route 14. It is a collaboration with Mr.Toyonori Okubo who is a master of a vocalist and Mr.Takeshi Ishikawa, a jazz pianist. Please come and join us.

The blend voice vol.1
Date:16th Sep 2017(Sun)
Performer: Yuhito Ikehara & Toyonori Ohkubo (Vocal)
Tsuyoshi Ishikawa (Piano)
open: 18:30 start:19:00
Charge: adv\2500yen door\3000yen Drink not included
Venue: Motoyawata Live House Route Fourteen (Access

Dry Flower // Kimiina
  1. Dry Flower // Kimiina
  2. Beautiful world // Natsu Irodori - Colors
  3. Dear my best friend // Natsu Irodori - Colors
  4. Mr.Happy Maker // Natsu Irodori - Colors
  5. We love Yukidaruma // Natsu Irodori - Colors
  6. Sing for your dream // Yuhito Ikehara - Natsu Irodori - Colors
  7. My style // Yuhito Ikehara - Natsu Irodori - Colors